Dear partners, we would like to inform you in advance is very important information!

We would like to take some of the old collections of fabrics and imitation leather, and bring them to replace the very beautiful and high quality materials that will be presented for the first time in the Ukrainian market.

We offer you more fashionable, modern European designs wide range of colors.

Of these 4 new collections have arrived at the warehouse, them you can see in the photo below and make reservations.

Collection Buffalo


Scratch-resistant, water-repellent, 11 colors, 50 000 Martindale cycles

Collection Happy

Scratch-resistant, 22 colors, 50 000 cycles Martindale

Collection Antelope


Scratch-resistant, water-repellent, 10 colors, 50 000 Martindale cycles

Collection Vermont

10 colors, 30 000 Martindale cycles

We expect 8-9 new collections of fabrics and imitation leather until the end of March.

List of fabrics that we remove:

Capri, Havana, Bilbao, Elfida, Nergis, Umay, Abella, Miranda, Miranda Petek.

List of imitation leather that shoot:

Kolej, Truva, Truva Konbin, Bella, Infinity, Molenruj, Brode, Fiona, Arena Antik, Arena Dot, Arena Glossy.

These positions remove from the warehouse products.

If nothing you will have orders for the collection, be sure to specify the presence or check newsletter. Huge request in advance to warn all the outlets, something you would not lose valuable orders.

What would be in time to get the important information, as well as 2 times a week balances warehouse program, send us your additional email addresses.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Sincerely, Apex team.

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